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ARB Conveyors

Calcutta Belt Centre has been in the Conveyor belt industry ever since established in 1965. In 2012, CBC India entered in a Joint Venture with ARB Conveyors for manufacturing C-Flex Conveyor Belts.

Our state of the art manufacturing process is controlled and managed by the support of an in house team with the help of a fully developed Central Quality Assurance Laboratory which has the latest Computer Controlled systems and Calibrated Instruments for correct Raw Material, in-process, and end product analysis. Calcutta Belt Centre is abiding by all the manufacturing guidelines set by Indian and International Standards, as listed alongside.

  • Bureau of Indian Standards - BIS
  • International Standard Organisation - ISO
  • Canadian Standards - CAN/CSA
  • France Standards - T47 -100/101
  • British Standards - BS
  • German Standards - DIN
  • Australian Standards – AS
About Us
About Us
About Us